My addiction

I’m addicted. Whether it’s good or bad is a matter of opinion. I’m addicted to HGTV and all the “Flip That House” type shows on TV. I swear I could sit at home and do nothing but watch home renovation shows (and our Real Estate channel) and be quite happy. Chris calls it “house porn” and teases me about watching “porn” all the time.

On the plus side it means that when the time comes to buy something, and renovate it, I’ll be totally ready. Buying a house/condo/townhouse is probably the next big major thing Chris & I want to do. We’re both dying to have something we own and are building equity in. Vancouver is a pretty tough market to buy in. It’s so expensive here with next to nothing available in our price range. And we’re not doing much to save money for our down payment.

Today I’ve been cleaning up my little office and getting ready to sell a few pieces of furniture. A few shelves from Ikea etc which serves 2 purposes. First, it’ll clear up the office and second I’ll have a bit of money to put towards the computer purchase, and maybe buy a new desk for here.

Rumble didn’t like me cleaning at all. It was a little noisy and disruptive and I kept finding him as far away as possible in case he got caught up in anything. LOL. Poor pup.