No, I’m not lost, I’m a fan of ‘Lost’ – you know, the hit ABC primetime drama named ‘Lost’.

It’s all Chris’s fault. He got me hooked at the beginning of season 2 and now it’s one of few TV shows I have to watch each week. If you haven’t checked it out yet you totally should! Rent Season 1.

I haven’t seen Season 1 yet.

Tonight on Lost they killed of not 1, but 2 characters! And it was evil and creepy how they did it. A little “Twilight Zone” meets “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” meets Edgar Allan Poe. But they did it. Chris mentioned that he read critics were worried it would be a ‘placeholder’ episode and it kinda was. They didn’t advance what is generally considered to be the “main storyline” (Jack, Kate, Sawyer, ‘The Others’, The Dharma Project etc) but there were some hints at it in flashbacks.

The flashbacks were done in a “catch up” fashion. The first flashback was to before the crash, then the crash and then a series of of them leading up to the start of the show. Which revealed some of the creepiness. Yuck.

Anyway, not having been a rabid fan from day one, the flashbacks reveal stuff to me. There’s a scene of a conversation between Juliet and Ben talking about getting Jack to do the surgery on Ben. I can’t recall when it happened (comment if you know) but it was, I believe, prior to Ben getting caught by Jack and the crew and held in the hatch. It’s creepy to see Ben being that manipulative and cunning. I guess I’m more a happy friendly guy who doesn’t want to think about who’s planning what and spending a month manipulating me to get it.