The New Look Me

Ok, maybe not such a “new look” but a minor change. After much waiting, I finally got new glasses. I can’t remember how long I had the previous pair, but Chris finally convinced me it was time to upgrade.

We found a few nice pair at Granville Optical at Granville & Robson last September, but the budget wasn’t there for them. However, Chris’s insurance covers a good chunk, so we took the plunge. They’re pretty different from the previous pair. I’ll post a photo soon.

I was going to post a photo with this blog, but the lighting at work is TERRIBLE and I looked all washed out and bald. I’m not bald (yet). So you’re going to have to wait.

While I’ve got new glasses, Rumble’s losing out. Unfortunately he’s at the vet today for neutering. Poor guy. He’s not going to be happy when I go get him, and he’s very much not going to like us for doing this too him. But it’s for the best. We didn’t plan to breed him, and he doesn’t need them.

I’m going to stay home with him tomorrow, then Chris is off for 2 days, then it’s the weekend. So he’ll get 5 days at home for recovery without worrying about playing with other dogs. Poor guy. We also had him micro-chipped and one of his left-over baby teeth removed. All 4 of his baby canines stayed in after his adult teeth arrived. 3 of them eventually fell out. Ok, Chris accidentally knocked at least 1 out, and we pulled one when it was loose. But they were ready to go anyway.

More another time.