Oh My God!

Well, just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, guess what – Chris & I are engaged! For the record he proposed to me on December 18, 2006 and I said “Yes.”

This is the ring we bought ourselves to celebrate our engagement. It’s a simple titanium ring called “Abyss” – which hopefully doesn’t mean anything negative.
We got them on Friday just before New Years and when they arrived, I proposed to Chris, just to make sure everything was on the same page. He said “Yes.”
Tentatively we’re talking summer 2008 but that’s about the only details that have been worked out although we’re considering an Ontario wedding since most of our family is there.
Other than that, the holidays went pretty well. It was the first time that Chris and I had spent that much time (10 days) together. Weird huh? Over 2 years as a couple, but never together for that long. We did spend some time apart. Chris hung out with “Juicy” (Dircieu – long story) a few times, and I did some dog training walks, etc.
I bought Chris all 3 seasons of “Arrested Development” on DVD for Christmas and he watched the whole thing! I watched about 1/4 of them. He really loved that show. I could hear him laughing continuously.
Overall it was a good week, and a great way to start 2007! Happy New Year!