A Day In The Life…

So it’s Friday November 10. Tomorrow is Remembrance Day and it’s a stat holiday in BC. Chris got today off and I get Monday off. Sucks, but hey. It also means that Rumble is spending the day at home with Chris and I get to work without pee-walks or dog feeding. I can roll my chair around without worrying about running him over etc.

Anyway – today’s not average.

I got hooked up with FWINK – video camera software that will FTP photos from your camera up to a website. So I did. I got it running, setup a page (boring) but got a few good pix this morning.

A Morning With Starbucks is a good day

But things go downhill from there

It’s the hat. I never wear them, but today…

So there you have it. My day so far. The rest of the day will be spent staring at the computer screen, hoping to get some work done. It never ends.