Rumble Revisited

I’ve posted a bunch of new pictures of Rumble at so you’re welcome to have a look. I’ll be posting more shortly, and some video clips.

He’s doing great. He’s been home for 4 full days now and is adapting to home and office quite well. That’s right, I’ve been taking him to Casting Workbook with me every day. Chris picks him up and takes him home about 3:45 and gets some quality time with him then. It’s working out really great.

Rumble loves to play, living up to his name. He has a toy sheep (I call it “Sheep” – clever eh?) at home that he just loves. Although he likes the butt-end best. Weird. He also has a toy cow (named “Cow”) at work that he’s not as enamored with, but still likes, and a fluffy bone.

We bought him a KONG teether toy that you can fill with food (we also have peanut butter flavored stuff) but he’s completely ignored it! He didn’t even eat the peanut butter stuff last time. He’s not teething too much yet, so maybe he’ll grow into it.