Meet Rumble

That’s Rumble as he entered our lives, not exactly living up to his name, when we brought him home on October 1. He spent several hours trying to decide if he was ready to come out of his crate and explore his new home.

I had to bribe him with food.

Since then, he’s started to come into his own. He seems to understand the solarium is now HIS room and he retreats there when he gets startled/scared. And he’s very comfortable sleeping there. But when he’s out, he’s learning that he can have the run of the house. He’s starting to explore.

And relax – man can this dog relax. Put him in my lap and he’s out like a light. Reminds me of a certain MAN I know (and love!).

Rumble’s currently 11 weeks old (his birthday is July 16) and he’s a Miniature Schnauzer in case you couldn’t tell.