Happy Pride Vancouver

Happy Pride Vancouver! (And Montreal)

This past weekend marked Pride 2006 here in Vancouver and it was a doozy. The parade is the center of a lot of it, and this years was in some ways the best I’ve seen.

Photo on the right is me, Dirceu (one of Chris’s friends from work), and Chris. Unfortunately our pal Dan had to take the photo and isn’t in it!

The floats weren’t that spectacular (lots of hot guys though!) but what I liked was the length and pacing. We watched from near Sunset Beach as usual which is near the end of the route. Usually, this means that the floats have become separated and you get these big gaps. Not this year. There were some gaps, but not many. Notably, the reason for this was the absense of some groups. With OutGames and GayGames both going on, many of the sports teams were absent.

This meant their exciting, but show-stopping choreographed numbers were missing (and missed) which kept the parade moving, and it was all said and done in under 2 hours!

I’ve posted a few of my favorite shots at my personal website.

There seemed to be a lot of political floats. Hedy Fry, Jack Layton and Lorne Mayencourt were all present, as were several activist groups, along with the usual cadre of hot semi-naked boys that seem to appear out of nowhere just in time to cavort in their underwear (or less) on a float. Oh, to be a hot 19 year old boy again! (Yeah, right).