Jake In Spandex

Ok, so I’ve got a heart-on for Jake Gyllenhaal, which means I think he’s just super cute, sexy and drop dead yummy! Especially in the super-tight spandex we see here ==>

Who wouldn’t just love to eat Jake up!

Why is he wearing the semi-verboten spandex? He’s been chumming around with Matthew McConaughey and Lance Armstrong. They’re the best of buds these days (and make super cute couples no matter which way you slice them!)

The current rumor du jour (ignoring all of the gay dating rumors and fantasies) is that Jake’s grooming to play Lance in an upcoming bio-pic of the fabulous cyclist. No word on who’ll play Sheryl Crowe, although maybe McConaughey will? I’d pay to see that. Oops, there go those fantasies again.