How The Weekend Went By…

Wow, what an amazing weekend! It was HOT (damned hot) and busy. We crammed in a lot to a very short period of time.

Friday night was pretty casual. We ran a few errands after work including buying wristbands for GayDay At Playland. The Vancouver Pride Society puts this on most year. We bought our tickets at PRIAPE (the bastards) on Davie Street. That was a MISTAKE of major proportions. The wristbands were $22.50 including tax. Well, PRIAPE (the bastards) charged a $2 per wristband “surcharge” because I wanted to use my debit card instead of cash. Yes, $4.00 for a single transaction. As if that weren’t bad enough, PRIAPE (the bastards) actually charged $3.00 per wristband on the invoice. AND they charged GST and PST on top of it. So, a transaction that was to cost $45.00 ended upcosting a total of just under $58 in all.

I’ve asked the manager of PRIAPE (the bastards) to call me back, because at the very least, he owes me the taxes and $2 back. I’ll be complaining to the Vancouver Pride Society, Better Business Bureau and the LGBT Association too. Maybe even the government for improper taxing. (the bastards).

So, Saturday morning, we wandered around, hung out at Chapters for a bit, and then had some lunch in the food court at Pacific Center. Also a mistake. Chris had 2 A&W Mama burgers (his favorite) and that was fine. We took the bus to Playland and enjoyed the company of a cute young gay man along the way. Ok, We just looked at him occassionaly, but he was pretty cute.

We got to Playland and found out that the Hellevator is now included with your day pass. Sweet. So we hopped on that first and really enjoyed it! It was a blast. I can’t imagine doing that at the top of the Stratosphere in Vegas, but still.

Next up was The Enterprise. That was a mistake. It starts out horizontal and ends up vertical while spinning the cars around it’s perimeter. When it goes vertical, you spend 1/2 the ride upside down and either climbing or falling. For Chris it was too much. Between the A&W burgers and his hearing problems, this nearly put him out of commission for the day. He was nauseous, sweaty, dizzy… very unhappy. Luckily he rebounded with a few hours and a lot of water.

We ended up meeting up with Dan and Kevin (congrats on the engagement) and David and Mike. We spent most of the day with them and had a blast. Chris even went on the Corkscrew (rollercoaster) at the end of the day and suffered no ill effects.

Sunday was pretty relaxed. We went out for breakfast, went to PRIAPE (the bastards) to complain and then chilled at home for a bit. We went to see MY SUPER EX-GIRLFRIEND at the Paramount. It wasn’t super. I gave it a 3/5 at best. The effects were good, Uma was good, but over all I found it a bit dull. Some butt-head behind us developed a very odd, shrill laugh about half way through the movie. Not only was it shrill and annoying, but his timing was odd. He’d laugh for no reason, or off-beat with everyone else. 10 seconds after the joke for example. Grr.

That’s mostly how the weekend went by. We also touched base with family on both sides. It was a great weekend!