Another Gay Movie

This film looks hysterical. Picture American Pie made for all the fags in the audience. Instead of wishing that Seann William Scott, Jason Biggs, Chris Klein or Eugene Levy were gay and available, we get to enjoy Michael Carbonaro, Jonathan Chase, Jonah Blechman and Mitch Morris camping it up hoping to lose their virginity over the summer.

How gay are these boys? Well, Mitch Morris plays the valedictorian Griff, who crushes on Jarod all summer. Mitch previously played “Cody” in 4 episodes of Queer As Folk.

Nico, the “pierced alternative-kid gay-cinema expert” is played by Jonah Blechman. Although we haven’t seen too much of him, you may remember him flamboyantly prancing along side Leonaro DiCaprio in “This Boys Life”.

So besides the 4 twinky toy-boys who’s in this? Several mid-level gay celebs.
– Richard Hatch (Survivor guy, not Battlestar Guy) shows his beary chest
– Ant (you’ll know him)
– Scott Thompson (Kids in the Hall – hello?)
– Lypsinka
– Mink Stole
– James Getzlaff (Boy Meets Boy)
– Graham Norton
– Matthew Rush (Amazingly fit and cute as a button gay porn star)

Just try to stop me from seeing this movie when it opens here. I’m suprised that I don’t see it on the queer film festival schedule for this summer (for Vancouver) but it is playing in lots of other festivals. We’ll get it here soon enough.