Prince William gets a nude-portrait birthday gift from his girlfriend!

Prince William gets a nude-portrait birthday gift from his girlfriend!
London: Though Kate Middleton is having a full-fledged affair with Britain’s Prince William, her dreams of being a part of the royal family may just have turned more distant, after what she did at William’s 24th birthday bash.

Kate has reportedly outraged Queen Elizabeth II by gifting her grandson his nude portrait on his birthday (21June06).

The picture features the happy couple in a naked embrace, with their modesty covered by a strip of red silk.

“Her Majesty hasn’t seen the painting yet. But her advisors have described it to her and she is disgusted,” Femalefirst quoted a royal source, as telling Britain’s Daily Star newspaper.

“One presumes Kate and William have got to know each other in the bedroom but for Kate to blatantly announce it in a raunchy painting goes beyond the bounds of decency in the queen’s eyes,” the source added.

The monarch has apparently advised the young lovers to take their relationship more seriously, warning William that, as the future King, he should be careful to protect his reputation.

But, the prince on the other hand, unaffected by his grandmom’s advice, has appreciated his lover’s romantic gesture and has decided to hang the painting on his bedroom wall.

“It was art that united them in the beginning, so Kate thought it would be appropriate to commemorate their four-year relationship with this romantic painting,” said another source.

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