My favorite t-shirt of the week

Man, I had a good chuckle when I saw this.

I’m not a fan of Scientology, not a fan of Tom Cruise, but I love a good moral, pointed t-shirt.

Did you see that episode of South Park about Scientology? Tom Cruise ends up in one of the kid’s closets and everyone ends up chanting “Come out of the closet, Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise, come out of the clost! Come out now!” etc. Hysterical.

Then, John Travolta decides to go into the closet to get Tom and everyone starts shouting for HIM to come out of the closet too.

And some rap star who I forget. If you know, leave me a comment, I hate not knowing this stuff.

Anyway, this shirt is great, I wish I had one. Anybody know where to buy one online? I’d almost pay good money for it, just for the humor factor.

I love that Tom’s face is distorted (because the guy is turning) but it adds to the whole effect I think.

I’m easily amused right now. Here’s the blog it originally came from:

And this one: