Gay Mounties Get Married

Well, here it is. Finally the two cuties from the maritimes are getting hitched, gay style. The Globe and Mail are covering it HERE. Halifax’s Chronical Herald is covering it HERE.

Meanwhile, our “wonderful” Prime Minister Stephen Harper has issued a gag order to his MPs, instructing them not to comment on the Mounties’ marriage. This is the same man who’s promising a “Free Vote” in the Commons this fall in an attempt to repeal gay marriage. According to a recent poll, only 27% of all Canadians want the issue re-opened. So why is he doing it?

The RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police or just Mounties) are doing it right. They’re supporting the marriage, being happy and positive about it. Comments like “It’s the law, so we respect that” by one spokesperson make it questionable exactly where they stand on it, but general support for the couple is strong.

Reportedly, I’m on of many, many bloggers flogging this issue right now. Well, more power to everyone. I’m just happy to see good news. Don’t let Chris know this is going on, he’ll expect me to propose all the sooner. Err… Love you Christopher.