Weights – The penultimate post

Today is Monday. The 4 week weightloss/fitness competition was supposed to be done on Friday, but Bryan, the trainer, was inured and couldn’t do our sessions. So I worked out today (arms – yech) and tomorrow, we’ll be doing a final workout and body composition.

My waist is smaller, my arms are stronger and more toned. I can’t wait to see the final numbers (I like numbers) but no matter what, I feel good that I was able to withstand it all.

This weekend I splurged. I came off the diet for the most part. Saturday was Chris’s birthday and we went out for dinner. Dinner was fine, but for dessert we split a piece of blueberry cheesecake. It was delicious after salad and chicken for a month. I also had popcorn while we watched ICE AGE 2 because my blood sugars started dropping – poor planning on my part.

Sunday, I made whole-wheat paste, tomato sauce and meatless-meatballs for dinner. We both enjoy it (first time I’ve cooked for Chris in a month), but can’t help but think of the line from La Vie Boheme in RENT – where Collins orders the pasta with meatless balls… Funny to us.

So, the big thing is still “what next?”…. Stay tuned.