The Tale Of The Tape

I got the results from my first month working with a trainer… and here’s the score. We already know I “lost 10 pounds” but what else.

Starting Body Fat %: 21.88
Current Body Fat %: 19.47
Change: -2.41%
Fat Lost: -7.93 lbs
LBM Change: -2.07 lbs

It was enough to move me from “above average” to “average” for my body fat.
Other measures:
Waist: -3″
Neck: -1.5″
Chest: -1″
Bicep: No change
Calf: No change
Thigh: -1.5″

Pretty happy overall, even if the scales don’t make any sense.

Oh, and I got a tattoo last Sunday. Chris’s initials on my upper left calf – it was my first tattoo. It hurt but not bad enough that I did more than flinch a few times. Picture to follow.