New Food & Workout Plan

So my boss, the pencil thin “29-again” woman that she is (I love her, don’t get me wrong) signed up for a fitness competition and decided she needed some support. So, being her favorite target for everything, here I am.

Now I’m involved in this competition too. A 4 week food and exercise program managed 3 days a week by a personal trainer (Bryan). These workouts are 30 minutes long, targeting specific body parts, which is the way it’s supposed to be anyway, followed by 30 – 45 minutes of cardio.

The other 4 days are just a cardio workout. 30-45 minutes of hard cardio first thing in the morning, before eating. Apparently doing this before eating burns an additional 300% of fat! I’m in for that!

The food is well, good. LOTS of protein. Eggs in the morning, a TON of chicken and tuna, spinach, green beans and protein shakes. Delicious, and filling. 6 meals per day.

If you’re in Vancouver, check out to see their other offerings. I’ll let you know how this goes – today is only day 2.