Happy New Year + 18 days

Ok. I’m bad. Really bad. I don’t post. Chris kicked my ass for not posting, and so have a few of my loyal readers. So now is the time for me to pick up my quill and post. What’s happened? Well, my brother got married just before Christmas, his ex remarried on Christmas eve. Chris and I went to see The Producers on New Years Eve, then bought Subway sandwiches and went home. Quiet night.

So, Chris has been telling me he loved me for a year. And now he has gone ahead and proven that it’s permanent… or had better be. LOL. Last Saturday we went and got him a tattoo (number 8 for him) of my initials between his shoulders. I picked the design and color. I’ll be getting one of his initials later in the spring. I’m still a tattoo virgin so I’m taking a little longer. Not that I don’t love him, just not wanting to rush into tattoos. I’d like my first one to be a little panda tattoo (I love pandas) but I’m having trouble finding a solid design.

Chris is changing jobs again. He got so fed up with getting up at 4:00 every day, he went and found a new job. This time he’s driving a truck for a food delivery service. The pay is better, the hours are slighly more reasonable (7 am – 5 pm) and he doesn’t have to wear a polyesther vest. Hooray!