‘Tis the Season of the Party

What a great weekend!

Saturday Chris and I went shopping, contributed to consumerism, and then went and hung out with some of our fellow “gays” for a while. Nothing big. We bought the soundtrack to RENT (movie soundtrack) and have enjoyed that immensely for the last 2 days. We also went to see AEON FLUX which was a complete waste of time.

Sunday was a very relaxed day. Coffee, groceries, relaxing. Then we joined some of my co-workers at a few industry Christmas parties. Muse Artist Management Inc and Lucas Talent both had parties. They were very different, but both fun in their own ways. Muse featured a live jazz band and had a very comfortable, welcome feel. Lucas featured a burlesque show hosted by Joan-E, a landmark of the Vancouver drag scene. Fun, but very different from Muse.

It was nice to meet and greet with some of our clients who we never see, but often email. We had a good night overall. I’ll post a picture or 2 once I get them from Susan.