The First Rule of Fight Club

Chris and I visited HMV yesterday, a big audio/video retailer here, and picked up a few DVDs. They’re having a big sale and a bunch of movies are just $5.99 (I bought Exorcist:The Beginning and Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Christ won’t watch either one) and we bought Fight Club and Moulin Rouge.

We watched Fight Club last night. I forgotten just how messed up this movie is. But really cool. Of course we spent 1/2 the movie cursing Brad Pitt and his amazing body.

I started watching Exorcist, but got tired and went to bed. It’s weird watching a horror movie late at night, but with the volume turned way down so I didn’t wake Chris. He probably wouldn’t wake up, but I kept hitting mute every time something scary or screamy was about to happen.

I’ll finish it another day.