Serious about health

I went for some lab work last Monday after visiting the doctor, and some of it came back the other day. This morning I went in and got the results. Nothing alarming, but not as good as I’d hoped. Everything was a bit high. Cholesterol was high, glucose was high etc. Which is odd. I think I eat ‘fairly’ well. Cut way way way back on fried foods and other really evil food. No red meat in 17 years, little sugar etc. My doctor said the test results disagree.

So now I’ve got to find a way to get even more serious. That means removing nearly all temptation for bad food. Finding good foods that I can eat and enjoy. My doctor seems great, sending me for more tests, prescribing minimal drugs on a trial basis etc.

To this end, I’m also going to meet with a diabetes specialist and endocrinologist. And in advance of that, I’ve started this online tracker. Cuz I know they’re going to want me to track everything.

Wish me luck.