Medical Testing Procedures

I spent 2 hours this morning in a medical testing office. The ladies there were very nice and it was an interesting time. I spent a lot of time reading, and listening to the RENT soundtrack.

Interestingly, most of the people coming in were women. Towards the end (after 10am) a few men started showing up. Mostly older. Listening to some of the issues people had made me think maybe I wasn’t doing so bad. I know, eavesdropping is bad, but what are you supposed to do. I didn’t hear intimate private details, I didn’t take down names and phone numbers. Just overheard questions like “When did you take {medication}?” or “How long since you peed?” Man.

So I’m done with tests for now. I have 3 blood letting holes from the vampiress’s and I’ve peed for them. They’ve made me not eat for 3 nights and then gave me a super-sweet orange drink (Like McDonald’s orange syrup only not as dilute) and then sit for 2 hours.

Hopefully the doctor will be able to tell me what it all means tomorrow. I’d love her to say “Ok, no medication for you” – but I don’t think I’ll get off that lucky for now. I should be able to get the diabetes and cholesterol under better control WITHOUT medication still. But I’ll do whatever she tells me I need to do. To the letter.

Chris will see to it. What a task master! <love you sweetie>