Happy Holidays

It’s now a few days after Christmas, and I thought I should blog. I’m off all week, so except for not doing anything, there’s no excuse to not blog.

Christmas was great. Chris and I both had the whole weekend off (3 days!) so we spent a lot of time together. I’m off all week, but he’s back at work now. He’s not feeling well, something is really upsetting his stomach. Wish I knew what it was.

So – what did Santa bring me? A couple of gift cards, a reindeer olive dish, a toasted pocket sandwich maker, dvds etc. It was a fairly low-key Christmas, but it was good.

I gave Chris an MP3 player, a couple of DVDs etc.

New Years is next. We’re not sure what we’re doing. A friend of ours is having a party but it’s in deep Richmond and I’m not sure how we’ll get there or back.

I hope you are having a good holiday season.