Happy Anniversary

Chris and I just passed our 1 year anniversary. We’d met last fall at various events, but never really connected. They were parties and things and we met, but didn’t even talk. Then, Saturday Dec 18, I was walking through Chapters and bumped into him. He suggested coffee so we went to Starbucks. Chatted over a cuppa, then set a date for Sunday.

We met for coffee, Blenz this time. Then we went for a walk. A long walk. 5 or 6 hours as I recall. We walked all through the West End, along Lost Lagoon, Coal Harbour, Canada Place. It was insane. I think without realizing it, I fell in love with him that night. It was a very easy simple time. Conversation flowed so easily. He was such a great guy.

And now it’s even better if that’s even possible. We didn’t do anything much. We went for coffee at Starbucks (tradition? many of our early dates were Starbucks based), did some shopping and then headed to Granville Island. He bought us both bracelets as an anniversary present.

Happy Anniversary Chris. Wuvoo.