Down a pound

Looks like I didn’t update my graph at the top last week. I was up to 248 pounds. Last night I was back down to 247. Last night was out TOPS Christmas potluck and it was a very nice evening with the whole crew. Good food, fun games and gifts exchanged.

I visited my doctor for a full physical and she was pleased. Other than the diabetes issues (I’m going back on Metformin/Glucophage) there was nothing that concerned her. I mean, I got the usual warning about losing weight (I’m trying) but my heart, lungs and other body parts are in full working order.

So tonight I’ll pick up my prescription, buy a Glucose meter and associated supplies, and begin with the new regime tomorrow morning.

Chris and I talked about the need to eat better. We do REALLY well right now. He used to be a true bachelor, eating mostly frozen/packaged foods, but now he’s eating real food that I cook from scratch. But I need to eat a wider variety of vegetables. I haven’t had broccoli in 3 months, and that was only when we ate out one time! I’ll bring him around.

I also have to go christmas shopping this weekend. I don’t have many presents to buy, but I have no clue what I’m getting anyone. That’s my guy side coming out.