Celebrity Spottings

Must be the day for celebrity sightings. Or at least for others, not me.

Chris helped Ben Foster (Six Feet Under, X-Men 3) at his job today and they’re shooting Da Vinci’s City Hall around our office as usual. So we have Nicholas Campbell and the crew running around again. Local actor Nolan Funk was in to shoot an audition today. He’s a hard working actor who we see a lot of here. I think I heard him say he was auditioning for Aquaman.

The holiday parties continue, although we haven’t been to any since Sunday. Tomorrow night there’s another one for one of the bigger agencies that is always a lot of fun, and on Tuesday is my seasonal favorite where you can spot some of the bigger name Vancouver celebs.

Sunday night we saw William B. Davis and Tom Braidwood (X-files, The Lone Gunmen) among other local actors who we vaguely recognized.