Weekend and RENT – Reviewed

Well, the weekend is over again, and as usual, it went by way to fast. Saturday was a bit of a blur. I awoke to the noise of a parade. Or at least pre-parade as they were staging the floats for the Grey Cup parade in our neighborhood. It was fun. I ran downstairs (an hour later) and took some photos of the goings on nearby. It was pretty cool. There was a Spirit Bear float right near by with 2 new bears on it, so I got early pix of them. My Spirit Bear tribute site now has several pictures online CLICK HERE to see the site..

My brother proposed to his girlfriend last week, which is not surprising. They have a beautiful baby (my niece Caden) together and his divorce from his previous wife is final. They plan to get married before Christmas, and come back to Canada sometime in the spring. I can’t wait to see them.

Chris and I went to see RENT yesterday in the theatre. We were both a little sceptical of the movie version of such a fantastic Broadway show, but it turned out great! The music is incredible (I’m trying to find the soundtrack, nobody has it), the filming was incredible and the story is so moving. I admit it, I did end up crying at one point. You really should go see this movie. It’s exciting, entertaining, human, funny, touching, dramatic… I could go on, but trust me, go see this movie.