Stuff and Such

Today was Remembrance Day here in Canada. In the US it’s Veterans Day, so overall things were pretty slow. B.C. counts it as a statutory holiday, so I didn’t have to work. Chris did. But not until 7am instead of 5am. Small comfort.

Photos from The Turtle Hospital are up. They got hit pretty hard and it made a mess. Check them out here.

Spoke to my dad and Claudia tonight. They’re safely in Florida now having put down a deposit on a house in Ontario. No clue where it is. They and Rufus made the trip fine. Apparently the dog likes to travel.

So I’ve been growing a beard for the last few weeks. 3 I think? I don’t recall. Chris loves it, and reaction from everyone else is 50/50 really. How do I feel? Vaguely itchy sometimes. I’m not sure. Sometimes I catch a glimpse in the mirror and think it’s alright, others I wonder who the freak is. Oh well, we’ll hold out a few more weeks.