Reminded to post

As usual, my boyfriend Chris reminded me that I haven’t posted anything recently. Mainly I’ve been busy, but also havent’ had a lot to say. But now I have something.

Tom Cruise is a freak. He just paid about $200,000 for a sonogram machine for his home, so that he can watch his baby developing. For those who don’t know, Tom knocked up Katie Holmes a while back and they are getting married “in the summer or maybe fall”. Tom’s 43 and Katie’s a scant 26. But now they have a sonogram machine of their very own to watch the baby. Freak. Nobody needs to see it growing every second.

On the plus side, they plan to donate it to a hospital when they’re finished. “Oh my god! I just got scanned by Tom Cruise’s sonogram machine… but it wasn’t covered by my HMO.” Good Times.

Tonight I weigh in at TOPS. Compared to a year ago, I’m down 17 pounds as of last week. I also won $10 in a contest last week for having a loss. Very inspirational. I’m just hoping that tonight goes about as well.

Vancouver has been blanketed in fog since Saturday afternoon. We saw sun today for the first time. The fog was so thick, we couldn’t see more than a block away. And it lasted 4 days.

Hasta Luego…