Happy Turkey Day

I often wonder about holidays. I mean, to most people, they’ve lost any semblance of their former selves. They’ve all become commercialized. Most people think Thanksgiving is to celebrate a day off work, the death of a turkey, and great deals at Best Buy.

In Canada it’s the same. Our Thanksgiving was last month, and people keep asking me “Why is it in October?” and I don’t have a good answer. Maybe I should find out. Check back later for an answer.

Last night our TOPS chapter had our semi-annual mystery auction. We were raising funds for a new scale since our old Healthometer broke. We meet in a school, so I wouldn’t be surprised if some kids had beat up on it at some point. We raised $255 toward the scale, which we’re getting for the AMAZING price of $265. I was so happy!

I wasn’t happy about gaining 1/4 of a pound. But that’s like – a can of soda or something. Not even, so I’m sure it’s just water. Gotta be careful though. And get to the gym.