Weekends in Vancouver

What a great weekend. It’s fall in Vancouver so weather-wise that can go either way, and it did.

Saturday was beautiful and sunny. Chris and I ventured to Richmond to buy some stuff from Ikea and Home Depot. It was a great trip, we generally found what we were looking for and spent more money than expected. I love Ikea, and I think Chris is growing to like it, despite himself. The bus trip wasn’t too bad and given the gorgeous sunshine, a nice way to see part of Vancouver.

Today (sunday) was the exact opposite. It’s been raining and cold all day. In Vancouver, if you let that stop you, you’d get nothing done for over 1/2 the year.

So, being the ever intrepid duo that we are, we ventured out and got haircuts, went from lunch and did some more shopping. Chris is starting training for a new job tomorrow and needed some dress shirts and ties. After waiting for our super and then waiting even more for the bus, the afternoon was shot pretty quickly.

Tonight we just relaxed, watched a special on the Titanic and did our own thing. I’ve got a bunch of website stuff to do, and Chris is watching West Wing. Tomorrow begins a new week (Of course), and a new adventure and job for Chris. It may be short lived as he has 2 other interviews setup.