Starting Again

Now that Chris and I are settled in (mostly, my office is still a mess), I can get back to the business at hand.

I have my own little company called Solar Flare Computing and I try to make a little money. I re-developed a website for my sister-in-law at The Turtle Hospital in Marathon, Florida – you can see it at And of course I have my personal site at Those I don’t make any money from, nor do I try to.

I also have websites like,,, and – which I DO want to make money from. Now that we’re settled, I can continue development on those websites, plus the 20 or so other business ideas I have, but don’t have time for. There’s never enough time is there?

One thought on “Starting Again

  1. Anonymous

    There really isn’t enough time to do everything… though your boyfriend, who is naked in the bedroom, hopes otherwise.

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