Life – The Stuff of Life

Wow. It’s been a busy couple of weeks.

I’m still trying to get in touch with my brother. He lives in Marathon, Florida and they were hit by Hurricane Wilma. The place he works (The Dolphin Research Center) was apparently seriously damaged. Brad stays there during evacuations with other staff to take care of the dolphins. His girlfriend and daughter usually head up to Miami to take shelter, but this time that wouldn’t have been much better. I’m sure they’re OK.

Brad’s (now) ex-wife Corinne runs The Turtle Hospital which was also seriously damaged. Their main holding area was apparently destroyed (or mostly) and the storm surge flooded their Operating Room and main building to a height I’d guess at 3 feet. I was told the top of the x-ray table which looks about 3 feet wouldn’t you say? That’s Miles on the table.

Here at home, things are good. Chris has a new job working at a local store. He’s starting at 5am most days which sucks. By the time I get home, we get about 3 hours together, then he’s off to bed. Hopefully something better will come along. He’s still taking interviews since this is work he can do in his sleep (which works out well), and doesn’t pay that well.

Me? I’m good. Working but not too hard, living but not too hard. I’m the leader of a T.O.P.S. group. That stands for Take Off Pounds Sensibly and it’s primarily a weight loss support group. Extremely affordable, not like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig in that they don’t try to sell you food and everything, but typically support you in whatever you’re doing. We had a big fall rally last night at a rec center and the theme was Wizard of Oz – (Follow the Yellow Brick Road From TOPS to KOPS). Man, I know that movie too well. Goes with the whole gay thing. I think I got a copy of the movie during orientation, or in the welcome kit.

Speaking of gay… George Takei is gay! Who knew. I mean, come on. There’s that TOS eposide where he goes insane and wants to sword fight. Minciest little sword fighter. And he wore a CAPE in one of the movies. Come on. Superhero’s and flaming, affected, effinate gay men wear capes. I don’t care if it is the 24th century. We all knew. I think it was in the handbook with the list of other gay hollywood celebs… Didn’t you get it?