I Love Movie Posters

For 6 years, I worked for Landmark Cinemas managing theatres. I love movies. I’ve worked in video stores, sold popcorn, cleaned up after customers, run projection for an 8 screen theatre and I now work in the casting side of things (kinda). I’ve always loved movies. Star Wars was the first movie I went to by myself, at the Bayfield Mall in Barrie, Ontario. I was born near DisneyLand, acted in a TVO special on toboggan safety, got picked to play Buck Rogers at Universal Studios…

Ok, now I’m reaching, but it’s true. Movies & television have always been part of my life.

That love today extends toward a slightly more healthy love of movie posters, hence my movie poster site, www.jeffsmovieposters.com – which gives me a few bucks here and there, which I would gladly turn around and spend buying posters, or having some of the ones I’ve got framed or mounted. That’s my next project – hanging posters in my office, once they’ve been properly framed.