Hulk Smash

Chris just posted on his blog that he’s pretty frustrated with the moving process. It hasn’t been easy, but everyone we’re working with IS trying to help. We’ve encountered scheduling problems coordinating this move between 3 locations (out of 2, into 1) and the movers. If we could put everyone on the phone at the same time, it’d help. Oh well, in 45 hours, it’s all over but the unpacking.

On the upside, I’m taking a 1/2 day off tomorrow… To move, but still, less work. Of course, I’m right in the middle of some fun stuff, so I’d almost rather be working.

Telus has given me an appointment on Sunday for the new phone/internet setup, and Shaw is supposed to be in that day too. Some people doubt that Telus will make it. I have faith.

More news to come….