Further online

Well, just days after getting his blog and photo gallery running, I wrote Chris a link manager and got that up and running. And NOW he has his own domain too! This guy moves pretty quick.


I’m happy for him. He’s got some great ideas, knows what he wants and isn’t pushing me to make it all happen now. Watch for future developments.

Next weekend I’m heading to LA for a “showcase” with work so this is my last weekend a) in this apartment, and b) to pack. Work will be busy this week, so I’m going to spend most of this weekend packing. I’m going to head out soon, run some errands, pick up some boxes and then pack, pack, pack. Not much fun, but I can’t wait to move. Turns out the new apartment is nearly 200sq ft bigger than this tiny little place. It’s going to feel huge.

I’ve also excused myself from my T.O.P.S. meetings for the next two weeks to focus on work and moving. Not that I’ll stop thinking about them, and my need to lose weight, but at least I don’t have to plan and run the meeting on top of everything else.