Chris goes online

I’ve been talking a bit about my boyfriend Chris and thought I’d continue that. He’s a bright guy. Charming, funny, intelligent, but not super tech-savvy…. YET. He’s learning quickly and so has joined the online ranks with his own blog. )

Yesterday he posted a big blog about me – sweet guy ). Of course he says I drive him nuts sometimes, but isn’t that partly what happens in relationships? Even the best is 99% bliss, and 1% crazy. I’m kidding. I mean, no relationship is perfect. And neither is ours. We’ve had some moments where we nearly didn’t make it this far. We’re almost up to 9 months and haven’t yet had a fight! Not that the potential isn’t there, we both have the ability to argue, but we’re both pretty level headed and know that mature communication is the way to go, not petty bickering.

Even when I do silly things like try to tickle him, nearly break a finger with a football, or stick my tongue in his ear, he just laughs and away we go. Except the finger. Then he swore, but not at me.

Check out his blog, it’s more interesting than mine.