Incredible. Look at how long it’s been. May – August is over 3 months since the last update. So, what’s happened? Lots. Summer happened. Vancouver has had a great summer, the best since I’ve been here, although we got off to a rocky start. I haven’t been out enjoying it as much as I like, but some.

Anyway, Chris and I are moving in together. October 1. Now all we have to do is find a place, pack both homes, arrange for moving services etc – You’ve done it. You know what I mean. Anybody know any good movers in Vancouver?

My mom’s in Ontario visiting her family after pulling a surprise retirement on me. Calls me up one night and says they just had her retirement party!!! Nice. No – really, I’m very happy for her, she’s worked hard. Apparently she’s enjoying her trip. It’s the first time she’s seen some of her family in 5 or more years.

Hoping my brother and family are safe in Florida. They’re out of the path of the newest hurricane, but there could be more. Gotta keep that beautiful niece (Caden) of mine in one piece until I can get there.

I’ve attached a great picture of Caden. Hasta luego.

My favorite (and only) niece – Caden. She’s so adorable. Posted by Picasa