Thursday Night

It’s been an odd week. Busy, going by very quickly, yet interminably long. Does that make any sense? I guess not.

I can’t believe it’s Thursday. Seems like the week only just got started, and here it is almost the weekend. I’m not sure I’ve been productive like I feel I should be. Why do I feel I have to produce, even when I’m at home? Because I have 1000 dreams and “projects” that I want to do. I should be working on them FASTER. They should be COMPLETED or at least more complete than they are.

Why? I don’t know. Some people are content to work 8 hours a day, leave and have fun the rest of the evening, and on weekends. Not me. Most of the time I want MORE – the mystical unattainable MORE. I feel like I should be doing something.

At the same time, I know that’s a problem. Maybe it’s a restlessness, or some kind of Adult Attention Deficit thing… I can barely watch TV these days without feeling like I’m just wasting time….