It’s been a long, long time…

It’s been a while. So, what’s new? Oh, we’re moving!

Yep, we are moving. In just 2 days – well, 36 hours-ish. Friday Morning Chris and I will be joined by a couple of helpful guys (well paid guys) to load up a truck and hit the road.

We’re returning to the scene of many youthful crimes. Or adventures, more to the point. And that’s what this will be.

Join us over at to follow our adventures. We’ll be experimenting with blogging from the road and shooting some video and posting a ton of pictures.

Of course Rumble will be along for the ride. It wouldn’t be an adventure without that crazy little schnauzer.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit – not bad

We watched Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit tonight (because Chris Pine) and it wasn’t 1/2 bad.

Captain Kirk was working with Robin Hood and were fighting against Hamlet. Not sure it’s the reboot anyone wanted, but it was pretty good.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD)

Bad movies based on cartoons

Business Insider’s Entertainment section provides some really interesting articles, considering the name of the site.

One of their recent ones is 11 Really Bad Movies Based On Cartoons Everyone Loves and delivers what it promises.

In the accompanying video, they list out 11 cartoon TV shows that were converted to moves and were just terrible. Although by including Garfield on the list, they cheat because it was a bad TV show based on a comic strip.

Cartoon Movie
Transformers Transformers
The Smurfs The Smurfs
Mr. Magoo Mr. Magoo
Speed Racer Speed Racer
Rocky & Bullwinkle Rocky & Bullwinkle
Inspector Gadget Inspector Gadget
Garfield Garfield
The Flintstones The Flintstones
G.I. Joe G.I. Joe
Aeon Flux Aeon Flux
Masters of the Universe Masters of the Universe

Ok, so a table listing them like that wasn’t necessary. There’s 3 things about this list that stand out.

  1. At least 3 of the shows/movies are based on toys (Transformers, Smurfs & G.I. Joe)
  2. At least 3 of the shows/movies are OLD (Mr. Magoo, Rocky & Bullwinkle & The Flintstones)
  3. Why is Aeon Flux on the list? Did people actually love that cartoon? I didn’t even know it was one!

The universal consistency of course is that they’re all fantasy. I mean, if they’d done an Archie & Jughead movie, it would be “real” in that it’s set in a world people can relate to and doesn’t require a lot of special effects. Everything above did.

They’re also all arguably kids shows and are aimed at kids, being judged by adults. How many kids do you think walked out of Garfield saying “Dad, Garfield was terrible”?